Roku App Reviews

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Great app

Love the feature where you can play music from your phone, but a little laggy.


It was mentioned you could use your headphones with the app to watch your movies without disturbing others - but you cant.

Not bad, could be better

Roku is good for Netflix, or looking at photos, but needs either a screen mirroring option, or some other way to play videos/movies from a phome.


It would be nice if it would work! Since getting the app I was able to use it twice! It always says cant connect to my device. Useless app. Dont waste your time.


This roku sucks , garbage


You should be able to type with ur phone or device

Works great

Love it. Works great. No negative feedback at all. Everything works. I find it even better than actual roku remote.


Designed only for iPhones not iPads When using the iPhone app on my iPad, very buggy when streaming to the point that I gave up and used my iPhone which worked only slightly better. Streaming photos only works for some photos and others are "not supported" When streaming a video, it only streamed 10 seconds before crashing.

Works well for what I need it for!

Use it for Netflix and Hulu which are the things I use most on my roku, and it works perfectly!! Great option when I lose my remote ;)


Very comfortable and useful application.

Keyboard doesnt work everything else is good

I use this app for my Roku TV. But the most important use is keyboard which I am not able to use. Fix that bug or show how to use it would be the great app.

Well done

Pleased with the application. I use it regularly as a remote and for the most part enjoy playing music from the phone to the TV

Not enough movies

Sucks going to cancel it. Not worth it. Every time you search for a movie comes up "not available "

Great app!

Love it, no issues that Ive come across yet.


Sometime doesnt wort play on roku so many bugs in this apple improve it

Best $100 spent...

I love my Roku 3 and the app on my iPad. Its amazing. Bye bye cable.

Roku 2

Good feature, works well with the iPhone 6 Plus.. No lag an overall smooth app for the remote.

Very good app

Everything is fluid and works. This app eliminates the gap between Roku 2 (2015) and Roku 3. I would suggest get this app and Roku 2 to save money.


Bugs everywhere. Always disconnecting, cant reconnect, play music on device doesnt work, sometimes cant find the streaming stick, and almost always services are unavailable. If it helps I bought the hdmi streaming stick yesterday as of writing this review and live in Canada. And no I am not tech challenged I know exactly what Im doing. Despite that the app is completely faulty. Please fix these connection problems, they are rendering the app useless. iPhone 6S running iOS 9.3.4.


This is stupid everything is for money we do not want to do it and there is no teens cartoon so go ahead fix this stupid problem

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